What Is the Best MicroSD Card for Your Drone?

You NEED The Extra Space!

What is the best SD card for a DJI Phantom DroneOut of the box your DJI phantom drone only comes with a 16GB MicroSD card..

This is not enough space if you plan on shooting in 1080 and it is really not enough at all if you plan on filming in 4K.

To give you an idea of things storage wise the Phantom 3 Professional has a bitrate of 60Mbit/second (aka 60,000,000 bits per second) which is about 7.5MB/second.

That may have gone right over your head but in simpler terms the 16GB MicroSD card that comes with your drone can only hold 36 minutes of footage. 

You may be thinking you can just transfer the footage off when you recharge but if you have more than just one battery you can can’t even record two full charges worth!

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Whats The Best Choice?

Investing in a 64 microSD card is a great idea but it needs to follow the specs DJI requires which are:

  • Maximum storage is 64GB
  • Class 10 or USH-1 Rated (meaning it can handle data being written at 10MB/s)

The best microSD card for Phantom 3 is SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Card (with Adapter)DJI Phantom SD Card

It is very important to make sure you have an adapter for it so you can easily plug it up to your computer. There are many options for this but the one you can purchase as a package with the microSD card is the most reliable option.Best phantom 3 MicroSD card

If you are looking for a small investment that will go a long way I highly suggest you to purchase this microSD card!

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