What Is The Best DJI Phantom Backpack?: Name Brand vs Cheaper Alternative (My Review)

Best drone backpack reviewProtect Your Investments!

If you are spending upwards of 1000+  dollars on a drone it is your best bet to protect it…

…no I am not talking about the cheap box it came in or an old backpack you shove it in when you go on your next adventure. I am talking about options a bit more robust.

DJI and many third party companies make hardshell backpacks that keep your expensive flying cameras nice and protected.

I am here to save you some time and narrow your choices to the two best options on available.

Is It Worth The Extra Cash?

You may be asking yourself, is DJI just trying to rip me off because of the brand name on the back? Or does the extra cash really provide me with an overall better form factor and durability?

The answers to your questions vary based on use and personal preference.

Phantom 3 backpackHere are some good aspects of each:

(Disclaimer: As new drones in the phantom line come out new backpacks are produced however the general idea of build quality stays the same)

DJI Phantom Hardshell Backpack

  • Precise foam cutouts
  • Lightweight
  • Holds many extra add ons
  • Professional form factor
  • Protective
  • Reliable build quality

==>(You can purchase the DJI Phantom 3 Hardshell Backpack here)

==>(You can purchase the DJI Phantom 4 Hardshell Backpack here)

DJI Phantom Hardshell Backpack (cheaper alternative)

  • Foam Cut outs
  • Lightweight
  • Holds a few accessories
  • Protective

==>(You can purchase the DJI Phantom 3 Hardshell Backpack cheaper alternative here)

==>(You can purchase the DJI Phantom 4 Hardshell backpack cheaper alternative here)

From those lists you may not be able to see a clear winner however the main differences are found in the quality of foam, form factor, and strength of backpack straps.

Which One Should You Buy?

Overall hardshell backpacks are the way to go to protect and store your drone.phantom hardshell backpack review

When it comes down to it if you have the money and you plan on traveling a lot with your drone I would purchase the name brand backpack.

If you are new to the hobby and do not plan on taking your drone anywhere extreme except for around your town I would suggest the cheaper alternative.

Overall the are both great backpacks and will get the job done you need.

Reviews of Customers

Here are some honest reviews from people who have purchased the Backpacks

DJI Phantom Hardshell Backpack reviews:

“This is a perfect, lightweight, and very sturdy traveling case/backpack for a DJI Phantom 3. This is the third case I’ve purchased for my Phantom 3 – the other two were nice but did not protect the Phantom sufficiently (the rotor motor heads sat too high up and lacked protection on the other side of the case) and so I returned them. The advantages of this case are that (1) it is very sturdy and lightweight, (2) it fits all (reasonable) equipment and accessories, and (3) the foam is molded PERFECTLY to fit the Phantom 3 and protects the rotor motors top and bottom. As I mentioned, with other cases I’ve bought, the Phantom sat very high, meaning that the rotor arms and motors were exposed. Couple this with the fact that the top of the other cases were soft, and I had concerns about how well the case would protect the Phantom. This case is so sturdy and well-designed that I would not hesitate to use it for airline travel.” -Randall J.

“I bought this for the P3 professional for a trip to NZ. it was excellent. There is room for 5 batteries, an ipad mini, the controller, 4 carbon props and two backup props, as well as some cheap range extenders, 4 ND filters, and a few cords. There is not room for the charger with all that, but that can stay in the car or other backpack or motel. I highly recommend the hardshell over the soft (I don’t have experience with the soft but def can’t see how it would keep the drone safe on flights and packing in a car and such. the only recommendation for improvement would be for water proofing but in general you should have a dry bag handy for that.” – CM.

DJI Phantom Hardshell Backpack cheaper alternative reviews:

“This is a top-notch case for a Phantom 3 drone. The great thing is that you can store your Phantom with the props attached. This makes it quicker to setup and get flying when you reach you launch site. There are slots for three batteries and one for the remote control. Additional sections can hold other various accessories such as spare props.
I would highly recommend this case, it is well made, sturdy and yet light weight. Even with the drone, 3 batteries, the remote, power supply, spare props, cables, etc. stored inside it’s still not to heavy to carry comfortably.” -Harley R.

“I bought this unit for the phantom 3 4k. The backpack is light and accomodates the drone, the transmitter, 3 batteries and spare props with ease. The challenge is getting the charger and an iPad to fit. I have since found a way to get the charger to fit however I will have to transport the iPad separately. For those using an iphone or android phones this is the bag for you. The price and build quality makes it a great buy.” -Ted N.