What Is The Best Camera Filter For Your Drone?

Polar Pro Filters

Camera filters for dji phantomWhen flying your DJI Phantom Drone of the biggest aspects of ariel photography is the difference weather conditions you will face.

Many photographers use polarizing filters with their lenses in order to strip the extra light and reflections from their shots. Thats why it makes so much sense to do it with your drones camera.

The DroneNerds guys on Youtube do a great job of comparing the filters and gives you an idea of how it compares with and without them.

What the video by DroneNerds here

If you are curious about the weights of these filters they are listed here:

  • PolarPro ND-4: 3.4 grams
  • PolarPro ND-8: 3.4 grams
  • PolarPro Polarizer: 4.7 grams

What Comes In The Package? 

whats the best drone filter

Straight out of the box you get a polarizer, a neutral density 2-stop filter, and a neutral density 3-stop filter.

Best Camera Drone Filters

It also comes with a nice carrying pouch that doubles as a filter cleaner to keep them clean and safe.


“Okay, so these Polar Pro filters have taught me that I know nothing about photography. I flew my P3P a couple of times with the original UV filter and thought the image looked great. I had flaring that I compensated for on the fly which, with the slight video lag, turns out to be pretty difficult. Still though, when clouds rolled over the area, the image looked great – I thought. I received these lenses and they screwed on easily. They must have solved the threading problem. I started first with the ND4 filter. The day was partly cloudy, mostly sunny and very bright. I flew for 8 minutes and never adjusted the exposer or shutter speed. I then switched to the ND8 filter and flew another 7 minutes, same time – same place – same route – same Bat Channel. The end results, the video was just stunning. The detail was amazing and absolutely no flaring. The forest was a little dark with the ND8 but only when a cloud passed over the area I was shooting. I live in Vermont by the way so it’s all forest, no civilization, just trees and outhouses are far as the eye can see. Hey! At least we got outhouses.” -Ren S.

“Initially I didn’t realize that the Phantom 3 camera had a detachable lens filter. Simply screw off the lens protector that comes attached to the Phantom 3 (you may want to put a rubber band between your fingers and the lens filter to assist with grip) and then screw on either of these 3 Polar Pro filters. I’ve found that the ND filters provide exceptional performance in sunny conditions. You can really see sky and water detail. I use the polarizer filter when it’s not sunny and the images look sharper than the stock Phantom 3 lens protector IMO. The build quality is nice and three stuff sacks are included for transport. The filters are labeled on the rim, so you can tell which one it is without having to mark it yourself. Great build quality and minimal weight!” -Irixguy

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