How To Fly A Quadcopter: 5 Important Tips

how to fly a drone
Tip # 1: Do Not Use Manual Mode Right Away

Manual Mode is specifically made for experienced flyers.

If you are new to the hobby or just not comfortable flying for whatever reason make sure you stay out of manual mode!

Tip # 2: Use GPS Mode If Available

The more expensive model drones come with this feature. This allows the drone to know exactly where it is in space.

GPS is great because you can have precise flight and pinpoint on a map exactly where you would like to go.

Tip # 3: Be Careful of Windy Conditions

The more you fly out drone the better you will learn its limits.

Generally my rule I like to follow is if the wind is over 10-15mph I would avoid flying. It is not a pretty site to see you drone get caught in the wind then fly into a tree.

Random wind gusts are dangerous for your drone because you may end up fighting the wind to get the drone back to you.

Tip # 4: Master The Basic Controls

Up, down, left and right are the controls you need to be most comfortable with.

Getting caught up in learning more advanced maneuvers like rolls, bank turns, etc will do you more bad than good.

Personally my favorite shots of gotten with my drone are using these basic controls. Movement of the camera really adds a cool effect as well!

Tip # 5: Learn To Turn Off The Throttle

When in a tough situation most of the time its best to to just shut off the throttle.

I was flying my drone one time and it started to spin out of control because of a malfunction in the GPS signal. It was flying fast toward a tree and I quickly turned off the throttle. Having not known this, the crash would probably have been a lot worse.

Also the motors will have a less chance of getting damaged if they are shut off.