How To Avoid Breaking Your Drone Propellers: My Review

Accidents Happen

When flying a drone especially when you’re new to the hobby you’re guaranteed to have a couple accidents.

This may consists of hitting trees, bumping into walls, or most common in breaking your props, tipping over when landing.

The damage can be prevented by purchasing some prop guards. This will be a very valuable investment saving you money in the mean time.

SummitLink Snap On/Off Prop Guards

what are the best dji prop guards

Coming in at just 15 bucks these prop guards are very convenient because they allow you to remove them without unscrewing which is a big waste of time.

This functionality comes in handy if you like to use a drone backpack. If you are interested in a drone backpack or don’t know which to buy, read my article here.

Specs: These prop guards are 10 x 6 x 2 inches and weigh in at 7.2 ounces.

When these came in the mail I was very impressed with how robust they felt. The installation process is very easy and they even include a screw driver in the box.

I highly suggest the Summit Link Prop Guards to anyone looking to protect your drone and wants the convenience of removing  them easily.


“I’ve been flying DJI Phantom since DJI Phantom 1. To date, I’ve owned three DJI Phantoms and this is the first DJI Phantom that I have installed props guards on. I intentionally didn’t install prop guards previously because they made the DJI Phantom 2 or DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus too large to fit inside of a carrying case. These prop guards are EXCELLENT because they quickly snap off without tools! It’s easy to land the DJI Phantom 2 and have the prop guards disconnected a few seconds later. These prop guards pay for themselves by saving propellers! Even the most skilled DJI Phantom pilots damage props unexpectedly upon landing. These also help to reduced prop damage while bumping into an object unexpectedly during flight. The quick-disconnect piece remains attached below the four motors. Installing that piece was a simple process. It’s just a matter of replacing the factory DJI screws with the longer screw that stick through the quick-disconnect piece. These prop guards have not degraded the flight dynamics of my DJI Phantom 2 in any way and the red color pieces are great! I mounted them on the front of the DJI Phantom 2 to function as a visual way to see which end is the front of the Phantom. I’ll never fly a DJI Phantom without these prop guards! I’m so glad that these prop guards were brought to market!” -IrixGuy

“Being a relatively new UAV pilot, I had an encounter with a lamp post on about my 5th flight (prior to these prop guards.) Understandably, props stopped, Phantom 3 fell like a rock about 15′ to the grass. Luckily no harm done other than one broken propeller. Recognizing an immediate need for this item, I purchased them that same day. They install easily, they snap on and off easily, and the red helps identify the orientation in the air. Today for the first time I tested their functionality – by accidentally backing my UAV into some spruce trees about 50′ off the ground. Other than a slight wobble and a spray of spruce needles everything worked fine – the aircraft stayed in the air and I was able to continue. Upon landing I had to wash off the green patina that the props, guards, and top of the UAV got from the shower of foliage – and I’m good to fly again without damage! I’m almost positive that without these guards, I would be deciding how/where to get my Phantom 3 repaired.” -Louroy D

“Great product. I bought mine not so much for crash protection, since the DJI Phantom 3 is so easy to fly, but instead for help in maintaining orientation. With the two red guards out front and the two white ones out back it’s much easier to keep track of which way the drone is pointing. The best feature of all is the ability to slide the guards on and off without having to unscrew anything ( once the attachment points have been installed.) Slide off the guards and the rest of the drone can be easily stored back in it’s travel case. Where there’s ample room to store the guards also. A great addition that I highly recommend.” -D. Mercer

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