DJI Phantom Intelligent Flight Batteries: My Review

You Need Some More Juice!DJI Phantom Intelligent Flight Battery

Whatever drone you purchase from DJI it only comes with one battery. That battery may only last you about  23 minutes (at best) of flight time. That is why I highly suggest to have at least one extra on hand…

…23 minutes may seem like plenty of time but when you are adventuring out to a new place to get awesome drone shots you will be pretty sad when your session is cut short.


The DJI Intelligent flight batteries set a new standard for drone batteries.

They have lithium ion technology that lasts you so much longer than just a regular battery. And can even be updated because of the sophisticated firmware.

For anyone wondering here are the batteries specific specifications:

  • 4480mAh Lithium-Polymer
  • Up to 23 Minutes Flying Time
  • Integrated Power Management
  • Slot-In Design
  • Four LEDs Show Remaining Capacity
  • 6.2 x 3.9 x 2.8 inches
  • 13 ounces

No Need To Buy Another Charger

You will be able to charge your new batteries with the charger supplied with your original drone.

Unless you need to charge multiple batteries at one time this is all you need. The battery can fully charge in under an hour which is very impressive.

If you have a Phantom 4 and want a charging hub you can buy the Spinido 3 in 1 DJI Phantom 4/4 Pro Battery Charging Hub Dock ==> hereDJI Phantom Battery Hub

Be Careful!

Be cautious when purchasing a battery for your drone, and make sure that it is certified with the DJI manufacturer. A knock off battery can really mess up your drone and become a safety concern.

You get what you pay for! These batteries are very sophisticated and of great quality. My drone took a nasty fall and the only thing that still worked perfectly fine was the battery!

Honest Reviews

“I just purchased a DJI Phantom 3 Standard and wanted some extra batteries to go with it. After speaking with a friend I was told not to purchase off brand batteries and I can understand why. You don’t want a battery issue when your drone is 100s of feet in the air. I purchased this battery as a back up and it has been performing well ever since. I am very pleased with the fast charging as well, even with the supplied cable from my drone. No need for an extra battery charger. Just plug and play with the one that comes with your drone”. -Cory S.

“This came from the Amazon vendor *Your Supply Company*. DJI box, DJI battery, can’t ask for more. With the Amazon Prime fulfillment and return policy I wasn’t too worried. There seems to be some discrepancy as I’m sure you’ve noticed as to whether these are real or not. I’ll just assume that some sellers might be selling some non-DJI batteries or clones, while others have the DJI brand. As this is not my first DJI battery purchase, I’ve seen the DJI box, inner packing and have other batteries to compare to. Again, return it if it’s not DJI, because that’s what it says it is in the description. That’s reason enough for a free return under Amazon’s policy. When the prices went up, I’d considered trying the Wasabi branded battery as those work great with my cameras, but my camera isn’t usually 100 feet up in the air and a thousand yards away either. Personally, the cost savings of $25 or so don’t outweigh the potential cons, and it can be dicey enough getting your Phantom back when the battery starts to go in high winds. For the moment, this is a good price on arguably the best battery available at the moment. I firmly believe that there are probably some excellent 3rd party products out there, but in my case I see it as a cheap insurance policy. At $109 at the time of this writing it’s not a lot more than other options.” – Anthony M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: how long is the flying time on the battery?
Answer: I believe it lasts for approximately 20 min give or take flying conditions.

Question: Can i use this battery with another phantom models p1, p2 or p3?
Answer: The DJI website suggest they are the same.

Question: Is this product is genuine? I need to buy one
Answer: Yes, mine is genuine, purchased and shipped directly from DJI.

Question: How much warranty is on the battery? Do dji suport the warrenty on the battery?
Answer: Yes 1 year.

Where to Buy?

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