3 Uses For Your New DJI Phantom Hardshell Backpack

Expand Your Boundaries!

Having a hardshell backpack for your drone opens up so many more doors with what you can do with it.

A reliable source of protection provides you with the possibility of taking your drone to places you have never imagined!

#1 Adventures

If you have spent any time on YouTube there is a large chance you have seen some amazing shots in nature flying around massive mountains and over bodies of water.

These are people that have hiked or traveled long distances with there drone.

I guaranty that they had a hardshell backpack with them every step of the way mainly because is functionality, convenience, and comfort.

#2 Storage

Unfortunately my drone spends more time in my closet than in the air.

Before I would put it back in the box for protection but it would become such a hassle when I would want to go out and fly.

Now that it is in my hardshell backpack ready to go I can just grade it and get out the door. The ease of use is personally my favorite part about having a DJI Phantom hardshell backpack.

#3 Protection

Your quadcopter/drone is an expensive investment on your part. When I payed a large sum of money for my DJI Phantom 3 I was restricted in use because I wanted to keep it safe in transit.

I began to learn that if you got too overwhelmed in protecting your gear you will never get the shot you want.

That is why having a hardshell backpack is perfect because you are able to beat the backpack around while the drone is inside to get to the location of flight.


Here is a real life story of someone using the DJI Phantom Hardshell Backpack day to day

“This case is perfect for our Phantom 3. My sons wanted a case to transport their drone, glad we chose this one. Fits everything we need including extra batteries, chargers, extra SD cards, propellers, cables and cords – with room to spare. Holds everything securely, nothing rattles around inside and remains in place during car trips, hikes, plane travel, getting tossed on the floor…
We’ve had this case for a few months and it shows no signs of wear or tear at all, despite rough handling and being dropped on dusty trails.
Really like the straps, makes carrying it much easier than standard cases that are hand carried.” -S. Jones

Full Review

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