Top Drone Accessories For Your DJI Phantom!

All the best drone accessories for your DJI Phantom including pictures, in depths reviews, and where you can find the product!

1. DJI Phantom Hardshell Backpack

If you are spending upwards of 1000+ dollars on a drone it is a very wise choice to protect it…

A much better and reliable choice than throwing it in a backpack or putting it back in the box is a hardshell backpack. It provides ease of use with backpack straps and comfortable padding all while protecting the expensive quadcopter.

Phantom 3 backpack

The DJI Phantom Hardshell Backpack Includes:

  • Precise foam cutouts
  • Lightweight
  • Holds many extra add ons
  • Professional form factor
  • Protective
  • Reliable build quality

Having a backpack for your drone is awesome because it is easy to travel with and comes in handy when taking your drone around.

A hardshell drone backpack is the most valuable thing you can purchase for your DJI Phantom.

==>(You can purchase the DJI Phantom 3 Hardshell Backpack here)

==>(You can purchase the DJI Phantom 4 Hardshell Backpack here)

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2. DJI Phantom Intelligent Flight Batteries

Whatever drone you purchase from DJI it only comes with one battery. That battery may only last you about 23 minutes (at best) of flight time. That is why I highly suggest to have at least one extra on hand.

23 minutes may seem like plenty of time but when you are adventuring out to a new place to get awesome drone shots you will be pretty sad when your session is cut short.

DJI Phantom Intelligent Flight Battery

These batteries are very impressive with all kinds of features. Here are some of the specs:

4480mAh Lithium-Polymer
Up to 23 Minutes Flying Time
Integrated Power Management
Slot-In Design
Four LEDs Show Remaining Capacity
6.2 x 3.9 x 2.8 inches
13 ounces

The lithium ion technology that lasts you so much longer than just a regular battery. And can even be updated because of the sophisticated firmware.

You get what you pay for! These batteries are very sophisticated and of great quality. My drone took a nasty fall and the only thing that still worked perfectly fine was the battery!

Phantom 3 Owners purchase ==> here

Phantom 4 Owners purchase ==> here


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3. 64 GB Micro SD Card

Out of the box your DJI phantom drone only comes with a 16GB MicroSD card.

This is not enough space if you plan on shooting in 1080 and it is really not enough at all if you plan on filming in 4K.

To give you an idea of things storage wise the Phantom 3 Professional has a bitrate of 60Mbit/second (aka 60,000,000 bits per second) which is about 7.5MB/second.

That may have gone right over your head but in simpler terms the 16GB MicroSD card that comes with your drone can only hold 36 minutes of footage.

Investing in a 64 microSD card is a great idea but it needs to follow the specs DJI requires which are:

  • Maximum storage of 64GB
  • Class 10 or USH-1 Rated (meaning it can handle data being written at 10MB/s)

The best microSD card for Phantom 3 is SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Card (with adapter)

Best phantom 3 MicroSD card

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4. SummitLink Snap On/Off Prop Guards

When flying a drone especially when you’re new to the hobby you’re guaranteed to have a couple accidents.

The damage can be prevented by purchasing some prop guards. This will be a very valuable investment saving you money in the mean time.

what are the best dji prop guards

Coming in at just 15 bucks these prop guards are very convenient because they allow you to remove them without unscrewing which is a big waste of time.

Specs: These prop guards are 10 x 6 x 2 inches and weigh in at 7.2 ounces.

I highly suggest the Summit Link Prop Guards to anyone looking to protect your drone and wants the convenience of removing them easily.

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5. Polar Pro Filters

Many photographers use polarizing filters with their lenses in order to strip the extra light and reflections from their shots. Thats why it makes so much sense to do it with your drones camera.

Best Camera Drone Filters

Polar Pro Filters are the best filters for the price on the market and in my opinion they are as good as they come!

Straight out of the box you get a polarizer, a neutral density 2-stop filter, and a neutral density 3-stop filter.

It also comes with a nice carrying pouch that doubles as a filter cleaner to keep them clean and safe.

whats the best drone filter

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(For my full review click here)


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